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Ovania Chemical Company

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Ovania Chemical Company Essay Sample

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Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical. Company Background. Ovania Chemical Corporation is a specialty chemicals producer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) thermoplastic resins primarily used to make containers for soft drinks and bottled water, as well as packaging for food and pharmaceutical products.

Job ananlysis 1. JOB ANANLYSIS AND HIRING DECISIONS AT OVANIA CHEMICALS By- Aarathy Jayakrishnan Amrita Banerjee Agil V Joseph Ananth Kumar Anuroop Vipul K.

Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical Summary: Ovania is a chemical company that specializes in plastic resins (packaging/containers). The competition has led them to modernize its facilities. Start studying IC Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical.

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Ovania Chemical Company Essay Sample

DanAndZack. IC Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical. STUDY. PLAY. 1. Ovania Chemical makes PET, a chemical used in making. The depth of knowledge for this particular job will be developed by on the job or of the job training.

That is why selection committee at Ovania Chemical did not include any skills or knowledge in the selection battery. Answer to Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania ChemicalCompany BackgroundOvania Chemical Corporation is a specialty.

Job analysis at ovania chemical
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