Hierarchy courts of subordinate courts in malaysia essay

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Essay Example: Court System in Malaysia

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Malaysian Courts Hierarchy

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How does the court system of Malaysia work?

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Malaysian Legal System Hierarchy

The High Courts in Malaysia are the third-highest courts in the hierarchy of courts, after the Federal Court and the Court of Appeal. Article of the Constitution of Malaysia provides that there shall be two High Courts of coordinate jurisdiction—the High Court in Malaya and the High Court in Sabah and Sarawak (beforethe High Court in Borneo).

Hierarchy Courts

High Courts of co-ordinate jurisdiction and states namely the High Court of Malaya and High Court of Sabah and Sarawak. Each of the High Courts shall consist of a Chief Judge and not less than four other judges.

Presently there are 47 judges in the High Court of. The hierarchy of courts of Malaysia starts with the Magistrates Court as the first level followed by the Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia, which is. Malaysian Courts Hierarchy. The magistrates’ courts as well as the Sessions courts in Malaysia have jurisdiction in both civil and criminal matters.

Hierarchy of Courts and Justice System in India

The following is. Hierarchy Courts of Subordinate Courts in Malaysia *“Subordinate Court” means any inferior court from the decisions of which by reason of any written law, there is a right of appeal to the High Court and includes any Court of a Magistrate of the Third Class established under the Subordinate Courts Ordinances of Sabah [Sabah Cap.

29] and Subordinate Courts Ordinance of Sarawak [Swk. Cap. The hierarchy of courts begins from the Magistrates’ Court, Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, and finally, the Federal Court.

The jurisdiction of the courts in civil or criminal matters are contained in theSubordinate Courts Act and the Courts of Judicature Act

Hierarchy courts of subordinate courts in malaysia essay
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